What If growers and harvesters could test for pathogens and get results on the spot in 15 minutes or less?

Real-time pathogen testing with RapidScan™ produces results in minutes not days

The RapidScan™ handheld testing system is simple to use in the field, in the processing plant, or in the lab.

ProteoSense is changing the food industry as we know it by allowing all segments of the food supply chain to meet every-increasing demands for food safety, on-demand.

The challenge.

  • The food industry does not want to harvest, ship, or sell contaminated food.
  • Yet about 48 million people get sick, 128,000 are hospitalized, and 3,000 die each year in the US from foodborne diseases that are potentially preventable.
  • That’s because it takes days to get the results of sample testing for pathogens and by then—for many reasons—contaminated produce, meat or dairy items can travel through the supply chain to stores and consumers.

The breakthrough.

  • ProteoSense’s RapidScan™ handheld testing systems allows food to be tested for pathogens in the field, production facility, or laboratory with immediate results.
  • RapidScan™ testing is simple to run with minimal in-house training.

The benefits with RapidScan™.

  • Finding contamination faster limits the size and impact of the contamination. That can save money and lives.
  • Real time results means efficient processes—no more waiting days for results or paying a premium for a “STAT” result.
  • No more listeria in lettuce, salmonella in eggs, or E. coli in hamburger
  • Non-contaminated food can enter the marketplace much quicker so that there is less waste, fresher produce, dairy, and meat, and longer shelf life.

This is a huge breakthrough in the food industry. ProteoSense will change the food industry as we know it. This will allow food to enter the marketplace quicker so that it is fresher and has a longer shelf life.

Gina R. (Nicholson) Kramer RS|REHS
Executive Director, Savour Food Safety International