Real-time pathogen testing with RapidScan™ produces results in minutes not days

ProteoSense is changing the food industry as we know it by empowering all segments of the food supply chain to detect food and waterborne pathogens faster than ever.

Our RapidScan™ pathogen detection platform allows agricultural water, soil inputs, food, processing facilities and equipment to be tested for pathogens on-site in 90 minutes or less. No more sending tests to a lab or waiting days for results: growers, packers, processors, shippers and wholesalers can now test for pathogens during the same shift.

RapidScan’s breakthrough in pathogen testing will enable the food industry to bring non-contaminated produce, dairy, meat and packaged foods to market much more quickly, equating to less waste, fresher foods and longer shelf life.

It’s time to leave behind conventional pathogen testing and the recalls, brand damage, unnecessary expenses and foodborne illness that go along with it.

It’s time for real-time pathogen detection. It’s time for ProteoSense.

This is a huge breakthrough in the food industry. ProteoSense will change the food industry as we know it. This will allow food to enter the marketplace quicker so that it is fresher and has a longer shelf life.

Gina R. (Nicholson) Kramer RS|REHS
Executive Director, Savour Food Safety International